1. Plenty of pretty ‘bows in The Thompson today.

  2. In case I forget how my wacky home network is set up.

    In case I forget how my wacky home network is set up.

  3. Google I/O ‘13 Hacker Notes

    Google’s I/O conference started yesterday. Here’s some of my “notes for hackers”*:
    If you made it this far and are craving more, the Google Developers Google+ page is chock full of more resources and announcements (no, really, they’ve been super annoying with their updates lately).
    Relevant gif for those who saw the Auto Awesome part of the keynote.
    Whatchya think? What’d I miss?

  4. Transfer Rdio Playlists to Spotify

    I finally had it with the abusively glaring white interface of Rdio and am giving Spotify another chance.

    Immediately my eyes felt better. Not to mention the wider availability of music I like. After my eyes adjusted and I treated myself to a couple albums not available on Rdio, I started missing my handcrafted playlists.
    Can I transfer my lists from Rdio to Spotify?
    Google turned up nothing… Not directly anyway.

    So I combined a couple of tools: a bookmarklet to create plain text lists of Rdio playlists and Ivy's copy/paste importer.

    The bookmarklet had to be modified to work with Ivy. Just make a bookmarklet from my fork of the gist:

  5. AngularJS for Hipsters

    I made a slightly more hip version of AngularJS's obligatory todo app example.

    CoffeeScript, Express, Jade, Stylus.

    It will probably serve pretty well as a boilerplate for Node-powered, single-page applications.
    Just add Mongo and stir for extra dev-hipster factor.

    Fork it on Github

  6. During my stint in the box, the jury box that is, I was asked to give the United States justice system a rating on a scale from 1 to 10.

    I chose 7.

    This was 2.5 points above the average response. I had time to calculate.

    The district attorney asked why mine was higher than most.

    I said, “Of the three branches, they seem to be the only ones doing much right.”

    (courtroom erupts in laughter)

    (judge hammers the gavel)

    (bailiff removes me with the thanks of the court)

    That mostly happened.

    Relevant: DOJ Realizes That Comcast & Time Warner Are Trying To Prop Up Cable By Holding Back Hulu & Netflix

  7. How I Do Quick ‘n’ Dirty Front-End Templating

    Handlebars, Haml, and CoffeeScript.

    Comment at github

  8. SublimeText 2 Pro Tip

    You can set custom, per-syntax preferences.
    Here is my Ruby.sublime-settings file:

      "color_scheme": "Monokai Bright.tmTheme",
      "ensure_newline_at_eof_on_save": true

  9. A friend asked if I'm going to marry my current girlfriend

    me: i've got it in my pipeline, so i'll loop back around and drop you a line. the ROI on this one looks good
    friend: per our conversation, I'll keep that on my radar, and we'll revisit this subject closer to the proposal submission deadline