1. AngularJS for Hipsters

    I made a slightly more hip version of AngularJS's obligatory todo app example.

    CoffeeScript, Express, Jade, Stylus.

    It will probably serve pretty well as a boilerplate for Node-powered, single-page applications.
    Just add Mongo and stir for extra dev-hipster factor.

    Fork it on Github

  2. How I Do Quick ‘n’ Dirty Front-End Templating

    Handlebars, Haml, and CoffeeScript.

    Comment at github

  3. SublimeText 2 Pro Tip

    You can set custom, per-syntax preferences.
    Here is my Ruby.sublime-settings file:

      "color_scheme": "Monokai Bright.tmTheme",
      "ensure_newline_at_eof_on_save": true

  4. Instagram with Javascript

    First things first, Instagram doesn’t have an open API. A client must be authenticated to retrieve users and their media. Luckily, the API does support JSONP, so we can create a front-end gallery with just an access token.

    Instagram doesn’t allow a client to grab media by username, a user id is required. So, we have to chain a couple calls together, if we only have a username.

    Warning: You really don’t want to float an access token around that doesn’t belong to the current user. i.e. Don’t acquire your own and hardcode it into your application.

  5. Upgrading to Bootstrap 2.0

    Disclaimer: 2.0 is in no way final!
    This is only for those on the bleeding edge, trying to prepare their work for the next version of Twttr Bootstrap.

    • 12 columns is the new 16 columns.
    • .topbar is now .navbar, and .topbar > .fill is now .navbar > .navbar-inner.
    • Use the data-toggle attribute for dropdowns and tabs.
    • .zebra-striped is .striped-table

    I’ll add more as I run into changes while updating a few of my applications.

  6. Some Visual Updates in Bootstrap 2.0

    ** Even More Updates Below **

    ** See Update Below **

    We’re all very excited about the responsive layout.

    Responsive Design

    A few quick screenshots of some element additions I dug up in the 2.0 branch of Twitter’s Bootstrap:

    Button Groups



    Update! Including icons, carousel, step and side navs, new pretty print, and thumbnail content.



    Step Nav

    Side Nav

    Pretty Print

    Thumbnail Content

    Progress Bars

    Split Buttons


    Type Ahead

  7. I wrote something about Javascript at Quick Left's blog. →

    Something about search suggestions, array sorting, and string scoring. There’s even a demo (with Pokémon, of course).

  8. Recursive templating is easy with jQuery tmpl

  9. Mobile WebKit Touch Events Maintain a Single Event


    Yeah, I was too. Turns out on touchstart a touch event is created (with unique attributes like X and Y coords). That same exact event object is persisted through touchmove.
    Meaning, if you create an alias of the touch event object on touchstart and then later refer to it in a touchmove event, it will have the updated attributes (coordinates) of the touch event object in the touchmove you just caught… because it’s the exact same object!

    What did we learn? Cache the info you need, not the touch event.
    Kinda like this:

  10. Excited for…

    Filed under random/geeky notes:

    • Ruby 1.9.2
    • Super 8
    • iPad 2
    • Dragon Age 2
    • Killzone 3
    • Transformers 3 (yes, really)
    • Captain America
    • Gears of War 3